Transforming Birmingham

One hop at a time.

How it works

1. Find a bike

Locate a Ribbit! station or reserve a bike in advance through the app. Make sure you check the tyres and brakes first!

3. Ride!

Adjust your seat and you are ready to go! Use the journey planner in-app or roam freely, but make sure you don’t pass the 25 minute limit!

2. Scan & sync

Scan the QR code on the front screen or on the frame to unlock the bike. Sync with your mobile app to enjoy the full experience!

4. Park & lock

Push the bike into the dock until you hear a clicking noise and the bike screen turns white.

We bring Birmingham together

70 stations. Over 900 smart bikes.

Earn Rewards

Hit weekly, monthly or yearly milestones and win vouchers and discounts for attractions around the city.

Download the app.

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