Banking made easy. 13 months leading on the monzo.com redesign and improvement.

Joining Monzo, I was presented with a clear task at hand: There is a Creative Refresh happening for the Monzo brand and I will be responsible with applying it to the website.

While the Monzo app we all love had a large team of designers and researchers working on improving it daily, the website was a bit of a tangle: We had no actual designs for it, no design system and no ownership or direction.

I took ownership of the web personal and business banking design world and not only rebuilt it visually in a mobile-first paint, but also constantly worked on improved the overall user experience with accessibility in mind.

Apart from the website, one of my key accomplishments was creating and maintaining a large and detailed design system, working closely with web engineers to ensure a seamless transition to code. We manage to create a library available across the organisation up to the most up to date Figma standards.

A strong framework and design system meant that we could start focusing on UX workshops to improve the overall experience.

After starting with a blank canvas, we launched countless improvements alongside the creative refresh, such as a new mega-menu, documentation for page building, a large component library, a consistent experience with the app, and finally, an accessible, mobile-first web experience.

I wrapped up my design efforts at Monzo leaving a vast website ecosystem across the organization, which is now the base for a growth-oriented product team.

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