Banking made easy. 13 months leading on the monzo.com redesign and improvement.

I joined Monzo with the task of applying the new creative refresh to the Monzo website.

Leading design on this project, I worked closely with the web engineers, product manager, brand and the wider design team to ensure a smooth transition to the new platform and consistency across the products.

After picking up on the project, I was presented with a knot to untangle.

We had no designs for the existing website, no design system and no consistency with the rest of the Monzo ecosystem.

I took ownership over the Personal and Business Banking websites, and set up the task of creating a component library and a design system for the new Web experience.

Working close with marketing, SEO and engineering was essential to building the new pages with a mobile, user and accessibility-first north star in mind.

After starting with a blank canvas, we rapidly witnessed a web ecosystem form. 

The new design system and its documentation ensured a seamless transition to code.

The new web pages allowed the wider team and the stakeholders to prepare and test every new campaign or product launch in advance.

We have built a large foundation on which the web experience could grow.

With the end-to-end web experience revamped, with a new look and feel, and with a user-oriented approach, the Monzo site was ready for the new growth-oriented design team. 

The new foundation allowed us to shift towards new UX experiments and improvements, to ensure growth and user-friendliness across the web.

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