Liberis Product & MyLiberis App

Liberis Merchant Experience, and the MyLiberis App, the new fintech product from Liberis. I have lead the end-to-end delivery of these project during my time at ForDifferent.

Following a large brand identity overhaul delivered by the ForDifferent team, we were brought in to deliver the new Liberis product – the Liberis Merchant Experience.

I took the lead on delivering the end to end experience for the new product, reporting to the Creative Director and working very closely with the Product Owner and Product Managers at Liberis.

Initially a fixed term project, our collaboration shifted to a retainer basis that lasted over a year and a half.

During this time, we successfully delivered the new merchant experience web app as an MVP and later on an improved product, with renewals, contracts and white-labeling capabilities for partners like Klarna and Barclaycard

Following the team effort of discovery and strategy, we categorised our audience into three branches.
We laid out our flows based on these categories.

The biggest challenge I faced was that this entire product needed to be white-labeled for partners.
That means that a 100+ screen flow needs to be able to mould into a partner’s branding at any time, and as quickly as possible.

Through lots of tests and trial-and-error, I managed to create a design system that would allow us to transform the entire look of the product to fit the partner’s brand in less than 10 minutes. This includes custom icons, fonts, colours and graphics.

After successfully launching an MVP and testing it out with some of our partners, we shifted to new experiences and flows to focus on.

Throughout my time working with Liberis, the team successfully shipped the Renwals flows, the Contracts feature, the pre-populated version of the journey, and multiple partner-branded iterations.

MyLiberis App

Another product I lead on was the MyLiberis mobile app, a place in which the user can track his payments for Liberis.

Starting off with competitor research and target audiences, I worked very closely with the web engineers and the Liberis designers to ship out the new MVP.

I helped build the onboarding experience from scratch, and later on the dashboard, transactions and live chat features.

As the MyLiberis app was a standalone native product, it required its own branch of the design system. I created the new library and documentation in close contact with the web engineers.

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