Essential Cardano

Everything Cardano. An agile MVP delivery for IOHK'S new web platform, Essential Cardano.

The guide to everything Cardano

As part of the digital team of two at ForDifferent, we were presented with the task of creating the web platform for everything Cardano.

We planned for an MVP launch of less than 6 weeks from the start of the project.

The goal was to build a platform where users can actively engage and contribute to all things related to Cardano – from articles to podcasts and infographics.

We worked agile – with the discovery resource provided by the client, we built the end-to-end user flow in black and white.

With this foundation ready, we could explore developing on the most user-desired features, such as search and filtering and community contributions.

With a mobile-first direction in mind and the wireframes out for testing, we could switch our attention to building a comprehensive and responsive UI. With a clear direction set by our brand team, I took the lead on creating a new design system to ensure consistency and future-proofing.

After many iterations and team reviews, we managed to launch a successful MVP that has since been growing into a large crypto ecosystem.

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